TempoStorm signs Female Korean Player

Update: Liquid has an interview with magicamy Hi Magicamy! Can you introduce yourself and your background in gaming and esports? Sure! My name is Hyerim Lee, I am 26 years old from Korea with a major in fashion industry. I have been following and participating in the world of esports since early age in highschool, starting with the Korean scene of Starcraft:BW and eventually started following pretty much all the major esports that developed in Europe/America such as the major FG, , Warcraft III Mostly I participated in…
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Hearthstone Crafts

There's a lot of wonderful crafted hearthstone themed items being made by people around the world! (If you're looking for something digital, you can buy amazon coins as a gift and send it to them to buy hearthstone packs at a discount) You can take a look at some of them:   Entering the Inn/"Unboxing": keenanbross 23 points 7 hours ago 10/10 wood box Box Cake:   Booster Packs Theme: She also received a 40 pack coupon   Velcro booster   And for viewing pleasure: A Hearthstone Mug:…
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Dogecoin Draws Korea Maxim Model Fan

Looks like Dogecoin is drawing supporters from all sorts of unlikely places! In a testament to its geographic and demographic reach, it has attained a fan in a Korean Maxim Model. While it is uncertain that this counts as a dogecoin miner or dogengineer (or chief cryptoengineer) cosplay, that is a shirt with a certain dogeminer with a shovel and pickaxe. Ellie Yoon Yeonghwa is a model, and yeonghwa also has the added meaning of "movie". She was first introduced to bitcoin by a foreign friend (instead of…
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Singapore Mall Travails: Katong 112

112 used to be Katong Mall, and when it was purchased and rebranded by Perennial, it had quite the surge of traffic. (It used to be a relatively empty mall filled with tuition centers) But it seems the existing fengshui of the location was also itself perennial. Would it be temporary? Or just a small indication of the bigger island itself. You can see the shops undergoing a "reshuffle". A very optimistic coming soon. At some point there would be replacements as rentals adjust, but there are 12…
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Interstellar is the prequel to Dr Who, Cooper is the first timelord

Spoilers naturally follow! 1) TARS TARS is the predecessor to TARDIS, but upgraded with 5 dimensional capabilities. The last leg of the film takes place in a bookshelf, much of Doctor who takes place in a telephone booth. Bookshelves are a way for the dead to communicate with the living (and sometimes living things with living things), telephone booths are for the living to communicate with the living. At some point, TARS or its successor is 5 dimensional, and becomes the tesseract, or the spacecraft that exists and…
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New York Times on League Finale (LoL)

Quite the feature for esports, on the League finals that culminated a journey from Taiwan to Singapore to Korea, where it started in Busan and ended in Seoul. Perhaps LoL and Dota will pave the way like football, rugby and soccer has, or basketball for the virtual world. "Couples going to game clubs is about as common as couples going to the movies." But in South Korea, more than anywhere else, it has already oozed into mainstream culture. Couples going to game clubs is about as common as…
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League of Legends World Championships Group Stages Singapore, Kabum!

Quite the world tour for the LoL championships, starting in taiwan and routing to singapore, before flying to korea's busan and then seoul for the finale. Singapore's tickets were $25, $45 and $65 with an extra $3 for online booking. The $25 were actually pretty sweet but had very little seats and sold out fast. $65 gets you two random posters. Everyone had a special skins card, SKT or TPA theme. You can sell SKT for about $25-$30 which means the cheap tickets actually pay for themselves. TPA…
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