Mankrik’s Future Wife Easter Egg

The lost in nagrand quest chain is the precursor to the barrens chat favorite mankrik's wife (mankirk). It's a pretty funny homage to one of the pillars of barrens trawl, as people got lost themselves trying to find her wife. Here Mankrik sends you to find his girlfriend (and future wife)   Spoiler alert!     At least in this she's alive and well  
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Reddit crunches Hearthstone Phone Data Battery Usage

A pretty nifty thread where someone built an infographic based off 10 games as the test It seems about right, as the average game takes about 5% and is around 10 minutes (facehunter as opposed to control war ;D ), according to the stats the data consumed is 150kb or 2mb for 3 hours which is a pretty good deal. (But if you have to download the game wifi is better to save data of course!) Hearthstone on PHONES! Data Usage, Battery Drain, and long Toilet Breaks. ()…
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Hearthstone Mobile Review

Playing Hearthstone on the mobile is an amazingly pleasant experience. I can see why Blizzard took the time to build a customized version out. It plays fluidly on the small screen, and you won't have to fumble around with your tablet on a long commute. It feels pretty good to play it on the small screen, and I do think hearthstone will pick up many new players due to this added accessibility. The game is about 1gb so download over wifi! It seems the client was shrunk from…
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Hearthstone Mobile Phone Out! iPhone and Android

It's finally out! And not a moment too soon. It's now available for the iphone and android mobile devices! You get a card pack for playing it once on iphone, and another for android phone Wonder if they will schedule a amazon hearthstone promo along with it. Hearthpwn has also datamined some details: This patch paves the way for Hearthstone on mobile by reducing the file size of the client download. Today, Hearthstone is almost 2GB in size on desktops The new patch it comes in at just…
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Gorehowl (Hearthstone & Warcraft) in real life replica – Azeroth Armory (Frostmourne too!)

Gorehowl has been an epic and key item for both warcraft in the original as well as the hearthstone spinoff. Watch this real life replica take to pieces an ice mrglmrgll murloc and other stuff! And of course you can't miss out Arthas' Frostmourne
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Streamer Forsen who makes 18k a month gets megatips over $9000

(TGT is out! with an Amazon Promo to boot) Forsen is one of the highest earning streamers for the game Hearthstone, and it looks like he is only making more money as the days go by! You may recall his leaked photo of his earnings in december:     In February, it seems two people are racing to reach the top lists on donations/tips to his twitch It's literally over $9000, and you can see the madness that ensues on reddit
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Free Hearthstone packs for Chromecast (Reddit)

As if the reappearance of the Hearthstone Amazon discount was not good enough, looks like there's another deal to get your Hearthstone packs! Apparently the chromecast offers allows you to get $6 of google play credits following their steps per each chromecast you have. Those credits can then be used to buy hearthstone packs (or android play store purchases) Have a Chromecast? Get some free packs! () submitted 1 day ago by treesounds If you have a Chromecast, check out this link. For each Chromecast on your network,…
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Hearthstone Amazon Discount is back!

The 30% Hearthstone Amazon discount is back! You get 10% off amazon coins, and a 30% coinback on purchases above $20 with coins. You can check out the previous amazon hearthstone guide. The current rates looks to be 106 packs for $90 at Amazon v Google play's 70 packs for $, so about 50% better The general steps are to 1) Install Amazon's Appstore and install Hearthstone from it onto your Android Device or Emulator 2) Buy Amazon Coins 3) Use the Amazon coins to buy Hearthstone packs…
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