Line’s success selling virtual stickers

Fast has a comprehensive article out charting the rise of Line as a messaging app as well as a mobile platform for company outreach and sticker sales (first and second in terms of revenue), features that set it far apart as the only mega social technology company to have a tangible revenue source. It's also based in asia, via japan, which further sets it apart in the way things are done. (As well as having very strong inroads into asia) It's worth a read if you are piqued…
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Interpol Starts Virtual Currency in Singapore

In the latest uptick for bitcoin, Interpol gets in the game by creating their own virtual currency as a sandbox to test the technology: ;utm_medium=web THE new Singapore-based Interpol Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) has created its own cryptocurrency in a bid to better combat crimes involving virtual currencies such as the bitcoin. The complex, which became fully operational earlier this week, houses the international police's first digital crime centre and cybercrime research and development capabilities. Speaking to The Straits Times on the sidelines of the biennial security…
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Bitcoin makes strong showing in SG UK Fintech Accelerator

This is a joint collaboration between the financial hubs of the east and west, Singapore and London, that is backed by "DBS, MasterCard, Infocomm Investments, Route 66 Ventures and SBT Venture Capital". They will be housed in block 79, near the original Singapore startup block 71. Out of ten startups chosen, there are quite a few bitcoin companies CryptoSigma This startup is an online and iOS money transfer app that allows users to send money instantly, anywhere in the world, for less than  per cent in fees, without using the current legacy banking…
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Nike CIO goes Bitcoin, joins CNET and Salesforce founding member

In another high profile move towards bitcoin, albeit from a non strictly technology or financial institution since it is nike, Anthony Watson is joining Bitreserve, a company founded by Minor who was founder of CNET as well as a Salesforce founding member. Anthony however comes from the banking industry previously before being CIO at Nike, he was at Barclays. He now wants to change the "unjust financial system". You can read more about this at the fortune article, as well as a few other pieces that have sprung…
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WoW Token

Have you purchased your WoW token? I bought one just in case the price goes up later, but I do think it will continue dropping for a while. The weekend might also have some interplay. It's quite the break for Blizzard, allowing a semi F2P mode within their flagship World of Warcraft. Here are some pictures of the process! (For Comparison, here is the dollar token)  
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Streamer Forsen who makes 18k a month gets megatips over $9000

(TGT is out! with an Amazon Promo to boot) Forsen is one of the highest earning streamers for the game Hearthstone, and it looks like he is only making more money as the days go by! You may recall his leaked photo of his earnings in december:     In February, it seems two people are racing to reach the top lists on donations/tips to his twitch It's literally over $9000, and you can see the madness that ensues on reddit
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DBS Neal Cross: We are looking at Bitcoin Technology

Adding to a growing line of people, Neal Cross, who previously was at Microsoft and Mastercard, is on dealstreetasia in an interview with Yap Shiwen talking about the interest DBS has in blockchain technology (as well as other developments in the financial technology realm): Given the proliferation of FINTECH like Ripple, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, what are DBS’s long-term strategies in implementing them and mitigating the disruption to the traditional business model of the banking sector? We are certainly interested in the technology behind these cryptocurrencies. We are…
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Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Singapore Screening and Bobby Lee at Hackerspace SG

Tomas organized a screening of the documentary the Rise and Rise of Bitcoin along with a Skype session where people chatted with the producer. Bobby Lee of BTCChina was also a guest at the event where he talked about the China scene. They talked about their experiences, along with thoughts for the future. The documentary producer is currently consulting and working on a game that would be trying to integrate the game economy with bitcoin. Bobby talked about how China saw the potential for bitcoin outside its shores,…
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World of Warcraft goes Wildstar, Eve, almost Free to Play!

Much like eve plex and wildstar game time, World of Warcraft has changed its business model to one where you can trade in game gold for game time. Introducing the WoW Token Blizzard Entertainment 3/2/2015 806 Introducing the WoW Token Coming soon to an Azeroth near you: the WoW Token, a new in-game item that allows players to simply and securely exchange gold and game time between each other. Players will be able to purchase a WoW Token through the in-game Shop for real money, and then sell…
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