CNN Money: Why Merlini left Chicago Trading for Dota, Makes more Gaming than on Wall Street

Dota 2 is making some waves as CNN Money interviews Merlini (Ben Wu) on his path from a Chicago trader into dota. Headlines are probably also made from Amazon's acquisition of Twitch (after google-youtube's failed bid due to antitrust) When Ben Wu graduated from college in 2009, many young people couldn't even get a job. But the biomedical engineering major landed a coveted spot at a trading firm in Chicago. He found the work fast paced and it paid well, but something was missing. He asked for some…
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Singaporean spent $16000++ at TI4 Seattle Secret Shop to resell in Singapore

It looks like a Singaporean went to Seattle for TI4's secret shop and threw a cool $13,000 USD (around $16k++ SGD) spread out over 8 buyers for the great swag there. TI4 INFO FROM SECRET SHOP *RTB bought at least $13000 worth of stuff, rofl 16 points 2 days ago he spent $6700 himself in one trip, and then i talk to two guy with 8 bags of stuff that were working for him. Apparently he bought everything possible in one trip. I know it's not really my…
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Golden Doomling looks to take the Cake for TI4 Secret Shop

Such spectacular It looks like the new round of golden roshans, with the Gold Doomling being a drop from the digital item Genuine Gold Trove Cask, that is itself a rare physical drop from a golden figurine roll of the demifigurine series (physical). it peaked at quite the high of $374, or about 12 demi figurines. The drop rate of the gold trove cask might be 1 in 6 or 1 in 11? Price Update: Looks like Golden Doomling had an initial sale of around $1200 to $1500…
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Korean LoL Sleeping “Beauties” becomes fellow “models” with G Dragon

Two Koreans dozed off at a League of Legends match and were captured on camera, becoming famous sleeping beauties, especially with their reactions when they were woken up. LG has made them more famous by making them into an ad, their other model being G Dragon. Wonder if something like this may take place in Seattle for Ti4 More at allkpop
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