Hearthstone makes $20m per month, Dota 2 $18m, LoL $123m

According to superdataresearch, Hearthstone makes $20m per month, Dota 2 $18m, LoL $123m, with World of Warcraft still retaining its spot as the MMO to beat. And that hearthstone jumped 31% off its mobile debut in monthly revenue. With the grand tournament coming out, I guess they will only make more!     Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft managed to disrupt the category in the same way World of WarCraft transformed massively-multiplayer online games (MMOs). Blizzard’s first digital card game has deep mechanics, but it is more accessible and streamlined than long-running…
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The International Compendium 2015 (TI5)

And it's nearing the time of the year again time to see by how much Dota fans will break the 11 million crowdprize from last year The International Compendium 2015 April 30, 2015 - Dota Team Be a part of the biggest Dota tournament of the year. Every Compendium-related purchase contributes to The International, with a portion of the sale price going straight into the prize pool. Stretch Goal Rewards As the prize pool grows, everyone who owns The International 2015 Compendium will gain access to new features…
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Dota 2015 Year Beast Brawl CNY Event

It's the inaugural year beast event for the chinese new year in dota again. You get an item set for victory, and some consolations if you don't. The event opens up for about 10 minutes every 3 hours or so (though patches keep changing here and there). (though last year, despite its flaws, felt more fun due to the entirely different game mode, this year is more of a romp in the same park) If you have 10 unwanted items, you can also throw them for the crucible…
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Hearthstone and Dota Tourney at GG2014

Good game 2014 in Singapore is hosting both a Dota tournament (ok dota 2 cup)and Hearthstone Tournament! Looks like they are having quite a blast, and there's tobiwan and singsing for the dota portion. The hearthstone tournament is free to enter and has prizes thrown in, with packs for registrants. Crystal Maiden Cosplay   Decidedly one of eSports hottest streamers with over 1,000,000 views on her stream, ZuljaNim is no stranger to the limelight.  And in the limelight she will be this December, when she graces the hearts…
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Streamer allegedly craps in pants opening CSGO item (might be fake) maybe nsfw

It has also set off a series of discussions over valuable game items. (You can see the ultimate top 10 game item list here on this site!) (If a knife has really gone for $30k, then it could use some updating however) Dota, also a Steam game, went for $38k at its peak. The current knife in question seems to range from $200-$400 only however. bsmfaktor 4 points an hour ago Somebody sold his Unusual Team Captain (a virtual hat from TF2, it's purely cosmetic) for $6420… grizzleh…
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Top 5 most outrageous Dota items sold

Here are some of the most expensive items ever sold in Dota 2, though their prices may have come down a bit since then: 5) WETA and Alpine Set rough tie at $1600-$2000 Both the WETA set and Alpine set contains for discontinued items. The WETA set was from a limited run of Dota 2 physical goods that came with digital items, and will no longer enter production. You can see the shop at weta's page. Buying it today would cost you about $2k for the set at…
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Reddit’s pick for Treasure Redemption Token

What's the best chest to exchange for the treasure redemption token? () submitted 2 days ago by SilverXerion Pretty much the title. bdzz 3 points 2 days ago Champion's Chest or Hero's Heirloom Both have great sets like the Kunkka or DK one and the rare drop, the Pudge hook, is really nice. Or whatever you want actually. Might be one with an unusual courier? flamindude99 1 point 2 days ago Champion's chest has decent sets plus the chance to get a pudge hook which sells for ~25-28…
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