Eating Codfish at Bitcoin Convention Singapore Conference 2013: Believing in Bitcoin doesn’t mean believing in its high price

Believing in Bitcoin doesn't mean believing in its high price Today, we are all looking at China, but what about Africa? Alexis and Hakim, organisers of the event as well as cofounders of seedcoin a bitcoin incubator. Hakim is also the founder of dealcoin, an IPO in bitcoins. So I had previously went for a bitcoin meet up where the guests of honor were the life on bitcoin couple,  where Alexis made his pitch for the bitcoin conference 2013 Singapore at the Fullerton Hotel. I do believe this…
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Richard Branson Backs Bitcoin, Accepts Bitcoins for Virgin Galactic

So you may have thought traveling the world on just bitcoins was cool, well, Richard Branson just took it one step further and now you can TRAVEL IN SPACE ON BITCOIN once virgin galactic is up! Richard Branson has also invested in bitcoins! via life on bitcoin   CNBC has Video with Branson in Necker Island Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson announced on CNBC's "Squawk Box" Friday that his commercial space flight venture will accept bitcoin as payment. He called it "a new exciting currency." Virgin Galactic accepted…
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Litecoin Market Watch: Crossed 25USD in China, Crossed 10 in USA to 200 mil Market Cap

Update: Richard Branson buys and accepts bitcoins for Virgin galactic! So bitcoin has been dancing up and down vigorously today, without breaking new highs or new lows from its 1100 and 500, 375 at btc-e. Litecoin on the other hand has had some excitement going. At OKCoin in China, it crossed 154 Yuan (about USD at Yuan to 1 USD) On the US side, Coindesk has it at $10 (USD) bringing it to a 200 million + market capitalization At 17:00 GMT on 7th November, alt-currency litecoin reached…
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Bitcoin Market Watch: What a ride today

So first we had Zerohedge reporting on bitcoin crossing 1100 USD in BTCChina via Yuan conversion, hitting almost 7k CNY/RMB. And then there was the wave crash down, shaving off about 500 USD in the China side. Mtgox went from 900 peak to 500 low. And you had the back and forth a few times. So much that Business Insider Joe Weisenthal made a new article: Bitcoin Just Crashed For The Fourth Or Fifth Time Today Spectacular Highs, Spectacular Lows? Yup, Allllll in a days work at Bitcoin…
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Bitcoin crosses 1000 USD, 1100 USD, crash correction, rebound on Zerohedge

crash Bitcoin makes it to the front page gray post of zerohedge (it has soared in a short few hours from btc 600-700):   Bitcoin Trades Over $1000 On BTC China Exchange And Crashes 30% ... Then Rebounds Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/18/2013 20:38 -0500 Bear Market Bitcoin China inShare2   Update: following the 30% drop to under $600 in seconds, BTC promptly rebounded to $800 in a few more seconds, as the entire BTC market is now just an algo arena.   * * * Putting…
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Bitcoin takes out 600 usd mark, challenges 700, US Agencies say bitcoins legitimate benefits, Forbes on BTCChina

Update: Bitcoin goes for 1100 before dropping Bitcoin soared past 600 today, tested 675, at writing about 663, quite a ride. We will see if it can shoot past the 700 mark. Looks like I was wrong about it wavering a little at this points. Had a high of 4879 CNY/RMB (chinese yuan/renminbi) in BTCChina. Litecoin has caught up We have litecoin fighting 8 to 9 usd. That pushes it above the recent 1:100 with bitcoin, and a bit closer to its previous parity. Perhaps BTCChina litecoin implementation?…
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Have Bitcoin, will Travel, local english and chinese coverage on Life on Bitcoin’s Bitcoin World Tour and final pitstop in Singapore and roundup

(want to read about the bitcoin conference in Singapore?) Just a few days ago on the friday that has passed (1st of November), the Craig couple (or bitcoin couple) have spent the past 100 days, crossing continents, countries, sovereigns, jurisdictions without spending dollars or fiat. They've made their way from Utah, America to Stockholm, Sweden to Berlin, Germany to Singapore, Singapore. The bitcoin couple's blog: The kickstarter was to pay for the film crew, where they will be handling the documentary of their pretty incredible journey. Proof of…
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Top 7 Incredibly Valuable Game Loot you could get (if you were extraordinarily lucky or dedicated)

Do you play Hearthstone? There's a new Hearthstone Amazon Promotion! The 2014 edition of Top Ranked Game Loot! Breaking News: RPS reports that the $38,000 USD flaming pink puppy has lost almost 90% of its value to $4000 Update: PAADA just sold his ethereal flames wardog for $38,000! Update 2: PAADA's wardog made it to Forbes! If you play Dota, have you seen the DK v Alliance matches? Or the Korean Dota 2 Cosplayers? Where Diablo 3 Pays for Engagement Ring Ever thought of finding a goldmine in…
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“Discounting” Steelseries Dota 2 Gaming Mouse Kana

Update: TI4 has a new dota mouse, with Hell's Glare item Want to learn more about dota 2 microplushies and lockless luckboxes? Republished from Bubbleweave Successful Sale of the Kantusa Script Sword in the Dota 2 Marketplace: So one of the promotional methods Valve has for Dota 2 is to sign up with makers of peripherals or even their own valve/steam store to offer promotional digital items alongside real products (or virtual products such as tournament access or compendiums). So you may know/heard of the Genuine Scythe of…
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The end of the grand experiment in D3, long live the grand experiment in D2

Or why Blizzard wanted to make games and not make markets On September 18th 2013, the news broke that Blizzard will be taking down all the Auction Houses in the virtual world of Diablo 3 on March 18th 2014 (or 6 months later). (Official release: ) Everyone who had played Diablo 3 were taken by surprise, that Blizzard would be culling their cash cow (all the more so since blizzard has gone on record for saying that the Auction House were here to stay) This news even made its…
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