Technological credit default swaps and smart contract blockchains

Abridged Version of a piece written earlier this year:   What is it that we look to in technology? Technology at its core about solving problems, finding new problems and creating better problems. One can hone or refine a solution, learn or explore new problems (and solutions) and then create or synthesize new solutions (and new problems). At times it performs the role of scarcity transformation (much as a bank does maturity transformation); china has traded “free” clean air for cheap production, rare earths prices are more extraction…
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Imaginary Markets: I’m on Channel U Money Week for Bitcoin!

I was on Channel U's financial programme Money Week to talk about Bitcoins, as well as demonstrate its use! Tomas of introduced me, and I tried to explain Bitcoins in chinese. Too bad much of the important stuff I said about the groundbreaking breakthroughs of bitcoin got cut >_< (that's a photo of me with Jim Rogers in the background from a year back :D, it randomly made its way into the cuts) On the whole however, it was very balanced, instead of a negative media spin that…
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Bitcoin and the common law: an exploratory perspective from Singapore

The writer is a final year law student at Singapore Management University who may or may not have graduated by the time of print. The views expressed here are his own and do not represent any body or institution, it is also not to be taken as any form of legal advice or opinion. It is merely an exploratory piece of work by a student exploring the study of law and the phenomenon that is bitcoin. This is not a legal work. Bitcoin and the common law: an…
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Imaginary Worlds of Cryptocoins: Coiner’s Game and Coin Wars Online (if bitcoin was a game introduction)

Update: Thank you for feeding the Coinmonster! Much Appreciated! Thanks to reddit too for the warm response, may do more art when I come around to it!   Imaginary-tans: Rough sketches for an imaginary fantasy world involving cryptocoins. Or what would happen if coins crossed with sword art online and OS-tans. Moved not too long ago, couldn't find my eraser, grapphire pen was lost from a while back, so its just pencils without eraser all the way through. Might revisit with colors another time. Coiner's Game A long…
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$38000 Pink Puppy now worth $4k (Ethereal flames wardog) an almost 90% loss: RPS

Want to know more about the twin scythes of ice and vyse? Or the snowglobe dota items? At Rock Paper Shotgun, Cassandra Khaw writes that "Want a pink “Ethereal Flames” Enduring War Dog? Make one. “That $38,000 courier is probably worth less than $4000 now,” Derby, a seasoned Dota 2 trader, remarks flippantly." That means that the fabled PAADA 38000 USD pink wardog has lost almost 90% of its original value or the price that its buyer had paid for it in a single day over the patch!…
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(official now) Lamborghini purchased for 216 Bitcoins (from same dealer as the Tesla) (209,995 USD) [比特币兰博基尼]

  Update: it's now official Lamborghini Newport Beach's official blog has it (They use bitpay) The Bitcoin saga continues… After reporting the sale of a Tesla acquired using Bitcoins, we received a lot of calls from prospective buyers.  We are happy to confirm a 2nd transaction of the same kind this week for a 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Coupe.  With the help of a 3rd party specializing in converting the Bitcoins into US Dollars, we were able to complete the transaction within 72 hours.  According to the…
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TechCrunch: Who Is The Real Satoshi Nakamoto? One Researcher May Have Found The Answer (the real deal?)

Seems legit! Who Is The Real Satoshi Nakamoto? One Researcher May Have Found The Answer The Internet did something strange last week. When a researcher named Skye Grey posted a detailed analysis of textual biases in the writing of shadowing Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto and a researcher named Nick Szabo at George Washington University, the interest was muted but optimistic. Did Grey, who declined to go into much personal detail, crack the code? Or was it, as always, just a matter of lucky conjecture. Whether or not Satoshi…
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Litecoin Rig Building 101 Singapore, Asia (Litecoineer)

Was making a new site at Update: Seems that Sim Lim is out of 7950s and 7970s, although you may find one hidden here and there With the recent run up in Litecoin to match with its previous rate with bitcoin before bitcoin's very rapid recent ascent, it has become once again very feasible to mine litecoins on scrypt with top end graphics cards. This goes to for the other scrypt coins such as bbqcoin as the general cryptocoins competitions have been buoyed by bitcoin's increasing publicity. SHA256…
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Litecoin Market Watch: Crosses 16 USD at BTC-e, 99 Yuan OKcoin, More Mainstream Attention, Bitcoin Mtgox High at 899 about to test previous levels

We seem to be seeing a west side push this time, with China being slow to follow up onto the prices (litecoin china previously). Possible guesses are widening mainstream attention, bitcoin black friday, hedge funds silicon valley and venture caps trying to get in onto the game. This is after you can take a world tour on bitcoins or take it to space. If we look at OKcoin and btcchina, they are not following with the previous divergence we saw at 900 usd bitcoin-mtgox that had btcchina trying…
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