Free Hearthstone packs for Chromecast (Reddit)

As if the reappearance of the Hearthstone Amazon discount was not good enough, looks like there's another deal to get your Hearthstone packs! Apparently the chromecast offers allows you to get $6 of google play credits following their steps per each chromecast you have. Those credits can then be used to buy hearthstone packs (or android play store purchases) Have a Chromecast? Get some free packs! () submitted 1 day ago by treesounds If you have a Chromecast, check out this link. For each Chromecast on your network,…
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Hearthstone Amazon Discount is back!

The 30% Hearthstone Amazon discount is back! You get 10% off amazon coins, and a 30% coinback on purchases above $20 with coins. You can check out the previous amazon hearthstone guide. The current rates looks to be 106 packs for $90 at Amazon v Google play's 70 packs for $, so about 50% better The general steps are to 1) Install Amazon's Appstore and install Hearthstone from it onto your Android Device or Emulator 2) Buy Amazon Coins 3) Use the Amazon coins to buy Hearthstone packs…
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HP Stream, Diablo 3 Discounts on Amazon

The HP steam 7 and 8s (also their inches/size) include one year of office 365 personal and free 200mb data per month for the 8 version The 7 goes for $99 (the lowest was 79) and the 8 for $149 (usual seems to be 179) Diablo 3 and its expansion is also at half price ($20 from $40) This if for those who want to play the expansion and have not I guess, or going for the holiday extra experience
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Naxx or Packs

Have a lot of amazon coins from the promotion and deciding what to spend it on? Or intending to spend money on hearthstone? (then you should really check amazon's discounts first) Reddit's take seems to be take the Naxx wings first, before going for the packs: Zigxy 17 points 2 days ago* Naxx is the most efficient way to spend cash ($20 results in 2800 Gold worth). Compared to buying 15 Packs ($20 results in 1500 Gold worth) Effectively, you lose 1300 Gold if you pay for 15…
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Hearthpwn Nvidia Shield Giveaway Promotion!

If you manage to win the nvidia shield tablet, you'll be able to game on the go at a fast clip! (some of the complaints for the android hearthstone is the long loading time, compared to even old ipads, esp when a dc happens) NVIDIA Shield Giveaway, Season 9 Ending Soon, Deck Spotlight: GvG Token Druid NVIDIA Shield Giveaway To celebrate Hearthstone being available on Android tablets, we're hooking up 5 lucky winners with a brand new NVIDIA Shield Tablet! The NVIDIA Shield is an Android based tablet that…
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Last Minute Shopping? Try Digital Gifts!

Left with just a few days left or unsure what to get? Or suddenly realized you needed one more gift? One way is to buy digital gifts online such as amazon email gift cards or digital games on steam! The best part is that these gifts are practically instant, or only a click or email away. No more queuing in mad queues at retail stores, or waiting for delayed holiday shipments. Just a click, and instant digital delivery. It's also good if the recipient is far away, such…
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Steam Winter Indie Highlights: Papers Please, Prison Architect

Some good indie games at even better prices during the Steam winter sale! Papers Please $ for this "non-game" game that had raving reviews and set off mobile ports Prison Architect The second time it has hit this low price of 6 bucks, also a rather popular indie game that isn't even out of alpha yet (warning: buggy)
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Steam and Amazon have Bioshock Infinite at $7.50, steam top up for season pass

Both Amazon and Steam are selling Bioshock Infinite (Digital Download) for $ (Is amazon trying to price match steam?) If you've not bought bioshock infinite, this is not a bad deal. For Steam you can top up another $7 or so for the season pass (but the lowest it went was $5) Amazon Price: Steam Prices: The triple pack is about $ (depends on whether you already have the first two bioshocks)
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