WoW Free Primal Flamesaber mount with HOTS tie-in

In another cross blizzard world tie-in, playing with friends in Heroes of the Storm leads to a free mount in World of Warcraft   Earn a New Mount—For Azeroth! Gather your friends together and play any Warcraft Hero in Heroes of the Storm as a team and you can earn the new Primal Flamesaber Mount in World of Warcraft. Beginning February 14 through March 13, a new quest called For Azeroth! will be available in Heroes of the Storm. Play 15 Heroes of the Storm matches with a…
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Togepi, Pichu, Santa Pikachu and some Johto prevolutions in Pokemon Go!

The pre-evolved forms can only be hatched from the eggs now (making people spend gold on incubators), while Santa Pikachu dons a santa's hat and can be caught. More Pokémon and a limited edition Pikachu are coming to Pokémon GO Trainers, Professor Willow has discovered Togepi and Pichu hatching from Eggs! Starting later today, Trainers will have the opportunity to hatch these and several other Pokémon that were originally discovered in the Johto Region in Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video games. These are the first of more…
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Blizzard’s Winterveil Hearthstone Bundle

Blizzard's christmas promotion for hearthstone is an extra 10 packs for 40 packs at $ The prevailing Amazon promo is at 20% off for coins, no coinback! Winter Veil has just begun and it’s full of holiday treats! Speaking of treats, there’s no better time to treat yourself to a gift of your own! While the Winter Veil celebration is happening in Hearthstone from December 9th through January 6th, Greatfather Winter will offer 50 Classic Hearthstone packs for $ USD (Pricing may vary depending on region or device).…
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Pokemon Shiny Rayquaza Facebook Event!

Time to get your shiny rayquaza! Maxsoft 22 May at 12:00 · Edited · Shiny Rayquaza Facebook Distribution!! For Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!! May/June 2015 – Summer Campaign - Southeast Asia! Note: If you are not from Southeast Asia and/or do not have a US or Japanese Version Software of Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon XY; Maxsoft will not be able to give any customer support regarding the serial codes. You can only download the Pokémon on the US and Japanese Software of: Pokémon Omega Ruby…
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Free Hearthstone Packs

Generally, hearthstone packs are how you obtain cards outside of expansions. There are a few ways you can go about finding free Hearthstone Packs. 1) Promotional Packs (Limit of 10) These are similar to cd keys, and you would often find them in your physical box copies of blizzard games. Usually, a normal box will have one of these keys and a collector's edition would have 3. The limit per account however is 10 packs so key them in wisely. If you don't have any, you can try…
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Hearthstone Mobile Review

Playing Hearthstone on the mobile is an amazingly pleasant experience. I can see why Blizzard took the time to build a customized version out. It plays fluidly on the small screen, and you won't have to fumble around with your tablet on a long commute. It feels pretty good to play it on the small screen, and I do think hearthstone will pick up many new players due to this added accessibility. The game is about 1gb so download over wifi! It seems the client was shrunk from…
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Hearthstone Mobile Phone Out! iPhone and Android

It's finally out! And not a moment too soon. It's now available for the iphone and android mobile devices! You get a card pack for playing it once on iphone, and another for android phone Wonder if they will schedule a amazon hearthstone promo along with it. Hearthpwn has also datamined some details: This patch paves the way for Hearthstone on mobile by reducing the file size of the client download. Today, Hearthstone is almost 2GB in size on desktops The new patch it comes in at just…
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Hearthstone Amazon Deal back for Blackrock Mountain Expansion!

The 30% Hearthstone Amazon discount is back in time for the blackrock mountain expansion! You get 10% off amazon coins, and a 30% coinback on purchases above $20 with coins. You can check out the previous amazon hearthstone guide on how it works via amazon coins! I guess this is for allowing the coins to be used with the expansion purchases (for those who intend to purchase blackrock, or even naxx). Reddit is using that to get effective $ off the expansion. (but it seems you have to…
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