Singapore Cosplay Shop Otaku House now takes Bitcoins

Singapore Cosplay Shop Otaku House now takes Bitcoins for their Online shop If you have some Bitcoins stashed away, there are now more ways to spend them. This cryptocurrency is on the rise in Asia – and Otaku House is among the first merchants to accept Bitcoin in Singapore ! Bitcoin has little to no processing fees, is consumer-friendly and all transactions are fast and secure. Bitcoin also does not require a bank to handle transaction processes consumers would save more in the long run. The below is…
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LoL pro Gamer Cosplay

via kotaku (thanks j) League of Legends Cosplay Is Best Done By Pro Players The League of Legends division of Korean pro team CJ Entus chose quite an interesting way to greet the new year. Instead of doing montage videos, they have dressed up two of their pros, Madlife and Flame, as League characters Blitzcrank and Ezreal. Here's more pictures of Madlife's super-buff "definitely not Blitzcrank" cosplay: 1 And here's CJ Entus' Flame, dressed up as Ezreal: CJ Entus To contact the author of this post, write to:
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Dota 2 Asian Cyber Games Singapore 2013 (Asia 2013)

Want to know more about the twin scythes of ice and vyse? Or the snowglobe dota items? Updates: Congratulations Titan! Who takes a $15,000 prize. aaand Tobiwan is continuing his gag with GoDz I'm guessing a lot more dota 2 cosplayers will be hugged by their legs in future events   GoDz actually got 3 shitty wizards in a row from the microplushes. OP! The Asian Cyber Games takes place in Singapore over these few days (27-29 Dec) with the except of China (due to ACE?), but Korea…
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Dota 2 Cosplay Korean Lina Crystal Maiden Cosplay Windrunner Spiral Cats (updated) Busan Games Bexco

China's dota 2 cosplayers make an appearance at Ti4 There was Dota 2 Cosplay too at Singapore's ACG 2013/Asia 2013 Other highlights at G Star 2013 include kpop group Apink's performance Updated with two videos from the comments Crystal Maiden's name is Lee Hyo Young, also a model (이효영 if you want to search)   Lina and Crystal Maiden seems to be models. They are joined by others who are from Spiral Cats. Lina's name is Choi Seul Ki (최슬기) (updated with part 2 from the site) Found…
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