Dogecoin Draws Korea Maxim Model Fan

Looks like Dogecoin is drawing supporters from all sorts of unlikely places! In a testament to its geographic and demographic reach, it has attained a fan in a Korean Maxim Model. While it is uncertain that this counts as a dogecoin miner or dogengineer (or chief cryptoengineer) cosplay, that is a shirt with a certain dogeminer with a shovel and pickaxe. Ellie Yoon Yeonghwa is a model, and yeonghwa also has the added meaning of "movie". She was first introduced to bitcoin by a foreign friend (instead of…
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Korea asks who cosplayed Lina better?

Remember the Lina cosplay from Gstar? Korea has another Lina cosplayer! ;query=view&p=1&my=&category=&sort=PID&orderby=&where=&name=&subject=&content=&keyword=&sterm=&iskin=lol&mskin=&l=200515 Using google translate Left: Nexon seoeun Sponsorship League mascot change Right: G-Star 2013 Dota 2 buseugeol Prefers the Gstar 2013 Lina 사진 출처는 인벤과 이곳: 
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Unreal: Frozen value takes dresses to $1600 as parents go for Elsa cosplay

Bloomberg reports that frantic parents are handing out huge sums for dresses that looks like Elsa's Quite amazing Scalpers are marking it up about 8 times however, that's about 1 oz of gold Frozen has touched many hearts elsewhere, such as the dota 2 take. (h/t cj) Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Dress Sets Off $1,600 Frenzy by Parents That would be the Princess Elsa dress from the Walt Disney Co. (DIS) hit “Frozen,” the most sought-after fashion item among the kindergarten set. Stores across the are sold out, and originals…
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