China’s dota 2 cosplayers make an appearance at Ti4

There was Dota 2 Cosplay too at Singapore’s ACG 2013/Asia 2013

Other highlights at G Star 2013 include kpop group Apink’s performance

Updated with two videos from the comments

Crystal Maiden’s name is Lee Hyo Young, also a model (이효영 if you want to search)


Lina and Crystal Maiden seems to be models. They are joined by others who are from Spiral Cats.

Lina’s name is Choi Seul Ki (최슬기)

(updated with part 2 from the site)

Found a site that has pretty high resolution pictures of the pretty Lina


I found the collection over at http://www.cutekorean.net/2013/11/g-star-2013-choi-seul-ki.html

There are more over there!

Wonder if there are similar ones for Crystal Maiden and Windrunner. Also waiting for Spiral Cats to release their own set!


The non dota friend (not sure which game) seems to be 민다흰 (Min Da Huin)

choiseulkigstarbexcobusankorea dota2choiseulkislayer choiseulkidota linaslayerchoiseulki


Part 2: http://www.cutekorean.net/2013/11/g-star-2013-choi-seul-ki-part-2.html

There are more over there!

Not sure where the sources are from, if anyone knows please leave a comment below

linaandcrystalmaidengstar2013 gstarslayerchoiseulki linatwirlinghair choiseulkigstar2013slayer Lina choiseulki cosplay

Korea has another Lina Cosplay too!

New Videos:

(thanks BK Kim!)

Some screencaps

alliance spiral cats doremi screencap windrunner

Team Alliance with Spiral Cats, and Doremi talking about her Windrunner cosplay


Found a Korean Naver which has shots of the Korean Spiral Cats Dota 2 Cosplayers:


Leeys2714: Spiral Cats Nexon Dota 2 Costume Show G Star 2013 + Fan Signing

Have some screen cuts, but you should go over to his site and check it out!


The windrunner seems to be Spiral Cat’s Doremi (도레미), who has also cosplayed Jaina Proudmoore before

Update, turns out they are from Spiral Cats! The professional korean cosplayers who are very famous! (they have also done Diablo 3 Cosplay and LoL cosplay)


Pretty well done!

tashaspiralcatsqopgstar2013bexco tashaakasha queenofpain

Tasha, Spiral Cats’ leader, plays Akasha Queen of Pain. She was the Demon Hunter for Diablo 3 last time. (타샤)

cmslayer spiralcatscrystalmaidencosplay

Powerful Pair of Frost and Fire!


rylaicosplaystaff crystalmaidencosplay lanayacosplaytaspiralcats rubickspiralcatsteamcosplay dragonknightgstar2013 vengefulspiritspiralcat

Group Shot!


Also a korean news site


More screencaps, could only get medium quality due to the paywall, may look around for the other ones.

Looking for more cosplay? There was Dota 2 Cosplay too at Singapore’s ACG 2013/Asia 2013

China’s dota 2 cosplayers make an appearance at Ti4

dota ti4 china cosplay


This was from the DK v Alliance Nexon Invitational Super Match earlier today.

Does anyone know who they are? Do they have a website?

Looks like Frostiron themed costume for Rylai/CM.

korealinacrystalmaidencosplay2isitfrostiron korealinacrystalmaidencosplay1


The one earlier