I’m currently running a Patron Warrior with some pocket surprises, but while it has super low dust cost it does require 4 wings of naxx on top of 2 wings of blackrock.

There are some decks I’ve been looking at to shake things up for a change if needed

Some of these 3 budget decks may work for a pinch though.

Aggro Paly – Looks like a zoolock on a pally


He managed to reach legend with it. This looks to be a possible deck to do clear paladin dailies, more so if you have zoo already. If the haunted creeper is swapped for the argent protector in the comments, there isn’t even a need to unlock naxx.

Midrange Faces – Face hunters retweaked for a metagame that goes beyond turn 4


A hunter slotted with a few mid stopping power.

Another intriguing hunter is the Thaurissan Kill

It effectively (when comboed) neuters a Thaurissan on play, blocking even the first -1 resource cost.


I guess you would try to get a mad scientist in play and blow it up for the 50% draw of snipe secret, and play an Azure on 5 against coin or their turn 6 if they start first. It will most likely catch them unaware if you can set this up as they would usually only be wary to a mage’s mirror entity.