Nicolas Cary blockchain ceo

nicolas cary blockchain ceo

bloomberg acquisition blockchain market movers

bloomberg acquisition blockchain market movers


Redditors are not impressed

Zeroblock trading platform

[–]WetTurd 7 points ago

Wow, what a let down

[–]di0genetic 5 points ago

Complete let-down. Why the fuck would I pay a monthly fee to trade when I can do it for free directly on the exchanges they use?

[–]Aahzmundus 3 points ago

especially when you consider there are some better charting tools available for free…

I love the zero block app on my phone, but I never use them when I am at my desktop.

[–]dc20 2 points ago

Didn’t you see the pretty charts?!?!?!


it’s not free too, it costs $20 a month