Rise Bitcoin took place at Singapore’s Lasalle’s Lowercase, a picturesque place in the heart of the city. It featured speakers from HK, and popped over to Singapore to share and introduce newcomers to bitcoin. Tomas, the organiser, also provided the point of sales solution to most of the merchants there (coinofsale)

This event is different in more ways than one, as it catered mainly to newcomers. The timing was in the early afternoon, a change from the usual evening time bitcoin meetup events.

The crowd was very different, as from the 30 people who showed up in the first half, about 75% were new to bitcoin. Half had bitcoin while the other half had not. Much like existing bitcoiners, it was a mix of people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

This particular event at lowercase also had quite a bit of merchants who were new to bitcoin. Of the 5, 3 of them decided to continue using bitcoins after that.

bitcoin merchants singapore

Peter from Tembusu Terminals hauled a working bitcoin ATM over for people to try their hand at owning some bitcoins.

tembusu at lowercase

The talks were about how people got into bitcoins, securing their wallets, and exchanges.

rise bticoin talks

One thing about lowercase, was that it was also where lifeonbitcoin were at! It was where the couple from Utah wrapped up their bitcoin traveling journey.

lowercase btc

With time out also covering singapore’s bitcoin pubs and cafes, Mypaper’s pre-event story, I wonder how the next few months will be like.