Looking good!

(the old thread asking: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/203cxx/wed_like_to_sponsor_an_esports_team/)


Potential DotA tournament discussion (self.Bitcoin)

submitted ago by ThePiachu[M]

As a lot of you have asked us to run a DotA tournament, I went ahead and contacted /r/thegdstudio for some preliminary discussion on this topic.

Overall, I do see a good opportunity for us to work together. At the same time, since there is a lot of money being pumped into DotA tournaments, we need to scale our expectations accordingly.

  • To organize a tournament to attract some of the more recognized team, we should be aiming at $10k prize pool at least. That’s achievable, provided we work together with a few other Bitcoin companies like we did before
  • We wouldn’t have much say as to when the event would take place – apparently the DotA calendar is rather packed.
  • We would need to hire some graphic designer to create some items to be sold along with tournament tickets.

All in all, those restrictions aren’t that bad. I will try asking a few Bitcoin companies whether they would be interested in helping sponsor the event and check with a graphic designer I know whether they would be able to create some item for us.

If you can help to make this tournament a reality, let me know. I think reaching out to various Bitcoin companies might be especially useful if we want to gather a big enough prize pool to make this tournament interesting ;).