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The much lambasted mtgox has jumped back into the 200s after falling from 3 digits to 2 digits following the transaction malleability incident, the first update of stuff not fixed, and the second update of the update that stuff still was not fixed.


Prices have fired up however with a reddit thread that shows successful withdrawals from mtgox going through, indicating that it may be possible that there is some sort of unclogging. (perhaps mtgox will survive another near death again?)

Be careful though! It may be prudent to wait for more confirmations as to how this new chapter in the ongoing saga unfolds. With that said, it does look like some on reddit will be taking on the risk.

Some light on the horizon for Gox (self.Bitcoin)

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I’ve been watching the mtgox transaction stream for the last hour (https://data.mtgox.com/api/0/bitcoin_tx.php) and it seems transactions are going through. You can check for yourself, download a copy of the output on that link, check again 10-15 minutes later and you’ll see that some transactions are missing. If you enter the missing transaction IDs on the blockchain, you can see they went through. Here are some I found:

https://blockchain.info/ntxid/2bf78fb8e8765ee8dc1224e74739f60c1a3e50515a41792fc6862aeeb95ab568 https://blockchain.info/ntxid/ad86f98e259314cf53eb242c18d92cc7aefcc73f36d824bfe96ca8ec0dd51317 https://blockchain.info/ntxid/057457615c3f1bd9adee741265e11b08041f0fdf768fb40000ad3dc7c0da4e80

Add to that the reports that some users have received their $5k – $10k withdrawals initiated in early January, I’d say that thing are looking up 🙂

Edit: Proof part #1:

As /u/idlestabilizer pointed out, the status of a transaction may be queried using the mtgox api like this: https://data.mtgox.com/api/1/generic/bitcoin/tx_details?hash=6a88f7d50024f6e1d27c803b0df5324d44c1889bcce7557b1f13c50712a1812b As you can verify on blockchain.info, hash “6a88f7d50024f6e1d27c803b0df5324d44c1889bcce7557b1f13c50712a1812b” belongs to transaction id with ntxid 2bf78fb8e8765ee8dc1224e74739f60c1a3e50515a41792fc6862aeeb95ab568, using the URL https://blockchain.info/ntxid/2bf78fb8e8765ee8dc1224e74739f60c1a3e50515a41792fc6862aeeb95ab568 .

This proves that this transaction is 1) confirmed and 2) originated from mtgox.

Update: as I just found out, this API URL returns info for all valid TX hashes (though a little delayed), not just the ones originating from mtgox. So, still waiting for one of the transactions to confirm which I uploaded into this pastebin (see below). New transactions have been added on the tx feed, this implies they are making progress on their announcement of testing their withdrawal queue. Some of those queued transactions have been confirmed, but, none of them have confirmed yet since my post. I’ll update here as soon as that happens.

Request: /u/Kometes_ kindly suggested this might show activity of internal withdrawals due to Bitcoinbuilder. Can anyone with a verified mtgox and bitcoinbuilder account please step forward to test this? 🙂 (If you have bought goxbtc, could you verify + post proof that there was a deposit on your mtgox deposit address as a result?). It seems an interesting theory to pursue, but I’m not sure what the outcome would be. Do internal balance changes actually show up on the block chain, or are these handled internally by mtgox’ ledgers?

Update on request: two users have indicated bitcoinbuilder transactions do not show up on the block chain. Also, /u/Ancercopes says bitcoinbuilder transactions occur at a different time and are executed manually.

Edit: Proof part #2:

Confirmed withdrawal is confirmed 🙂 In this pastebin I posted earlier as preparation for hard proof, this transaction was included, and that transaction is now gone from the mtgox tx feed, but it’s sitting on the block chain as confirmed!

Edit: Proof part #3:

And another one just came through from the most recent pastebin: https://blockchain.info/ntxid/702e8e986d98267a8a11582311f0972aa742be001f41ccccc442a3d8122a1b7b

Edit: And another one https://blockchain.info/ntxid/e2d43be866549b424324d01f0ff17bd739d9d17dfea12b1b50393941b396c1c5


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Soon as withdrawals work its no longer a goxcoin its a bitcoin.