So first we had Zerohedge reporting on bitcoin crossing 1100 USD in BTCChina via Yuan conversion, hitting almost 7k CNY/RMB. And then there was the wave crash down, shaving off about 500 USD in the China side. Mtgox went from 900 peak to 500 low.

And you had the back and forth a few times. So much that Business Insider Joe Weisenthal made a new article: Bitcoin Just Crashed For The Fourth Or Fifth Time Today http://www.businessinsider.com/bitcoin-540-2013-11


Spectacular Highs, Spectacular Lows? Yup, Allllll in a days work at Bitcoin Roller Coaster. Hang on and hold on tight! What a ride!


Could it be time for a “here we go again”?


And for the screenshots:

LTC climbed back, BTC-E Bitcoin low was 375 USD for a very brief amount of time (for more litecoins posts)

ltc 8 mtgox700 900 500