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The article doesn’t say what his company actually does.

Digital BTC is a Bitcoin investment and management company. Digital BTC invests in Bitcoin mining and engages in trading Bitcoin and other digital crypto-currencies over multiple exchanges offering its clients a unique investment opportunity in the Bitcoin space.

From what understand, his private company Digital BTC has purchased the public company Macro Energy so that they can skip a lot of the process involved with going public.

Here’s the asx announcement: digitalBTC BRINGS BITCOIN TO THE ASX

Looks interesting.


The jury might still be out on Bitcoin but that hasn’t stopped Perth-based technology entrepreneur and BRW rich-lister Zhenya Tsvetnenko from having a go at turning virtual currency into real dollars.

Mr Tsvetnenko’s latest venture, digitalBTC, is hoping to raise $9.1 million through the reverse takeover of ASX-listed Macro Energy.

Russian-born Tsvetnenko, who debuted on the BRW Young Rich List in 2009 with an estimated fortune of $107m, will head digitalBTC as its executive chairman.

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DigitalBTC is not the first Bitcoin-related firm to list through a reverse takeover. Bitcoin Shop, an online retailer that lets consumers spend bitcoins, has been tradable over the counter since February, which means shares in the company is traded outside of formal exchanges like NASDAQ or NYSE.