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edit: oops, forgot the litecoin chart, added it in

Bitcoin Roundup for the day.

Attended the Singapore Bitcoin Conference 2013 on Friday, have something on that that should be coming out. In the meantime however Bitcoin has broken USD 500 today. Bitcoin only just broke 400 usd mark not so long ago. It hovers just under 3000 CNY, although it may cross that on some exchanges due to currency computations. Otherwise, its another milestone crossed. At the after party of the Conference it was still only at $450.

We may see some waver at 4000 CNY or 4444 CNY, 4 is deemed by some in Hong Kong as inauspicious, so that may be about 666 USD (which is well not so good for perhaps the west side? but a good number for arabic states but they have not recently been propelling the bitcoin rise it seems) to around $730 USD.

I suppose at this time people are reminded of the time it hit $260+ and promptly crashed to about $65(?), much of the recent push seems to come mainly from China. So who knows what will happen next! 500usd is probably a relief to those who bought at $260 and had held it however.


In addition, the Wall Street Journal video interview of the life on bitcoin couple who travelled the world on bitcoin has been released!

LTC still laggging behind (litecoin)ltclag