I work at a big wall street firm. They accounced an internal (employees only) event featuring some Bitcoin speakers.. it was completely booked 10 minutes after the email came out. (self.Bitcoin)

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How does the saying start: first they ignore you, then they laugh at you. Looks like Wall Street is done ignoring and laughing. They may even skip the fight and join in!


Goldman Sachs drops the bomb: BTC represents potential annual Retail, E-Comm, Remittance savings of +$210 billion. pic.twitter.com/iBk5aLqAXK

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Of course, the irony is that this conclusion comes from a document where Goldman Sachs essentially says Bitcoin is useless 🙂





2014… not so much…

Daniel Masters of Global Advisors sums up his allocation to Bitcoin:

I am optimistic about its prospects for success, but I am not unrealistic. I have a personal and professional investment in Bitcoin, so clearly I am talking my own position. But I have invested precisely what I am prepared to lose 100% of. That is how risky I think it is. I do not normally go around making investments thinking I might lose 100%. I only do so when I think I have a chance of making many multiples of that.