Looks like coinbase has snagged another fish, when will they accept litecoins?


Big Fish Games is partnering with Bitcoin wallet provider Coinbase to allow gamers to buy their games and in-game virtual items using the increasingly popular Bitcoin digital currency.

“It’s a fun project, and it makes sense,” said Paul Thelen, chief executive of Big Fish, in an interview with GamesBeat.

Thelen said that about 8 percent of Big Fish’s gross revenue goes to transaction fees. With Bitcoin, there is no fee for the first $1 million in transactions, and the fees after that are less than 1 percent, Thelen said.


Gaming company Big Fish Games to accept bitcoin

Big Fish said it was “setting the pace” with a payment technology that would eventually become mainstream

Big Fish, which produces games such as Big Fish Casino and Room of Memory, will allow users to set up a digital wallet and use bitcoin to buy for new games, as well as shortcuts that allow them to get ahead or play for longer.

The technology is being provided by Coinbase, a Californian payments company that specialises in bitcoin transactions, which incur much smaller fees than traditional methods of payment.

Big Fish, which has turned over $266m in the past year, said it was “setting the pace” with a payment technology that would eventually become mainstream.

“This is not a test,” said Paul Thelen, chief executive and founder of the gaming company. “We are excited to offer this new payment method to the nearly 105m annual game players that visit our game app store, with the reassurance that Big Fish is working with Coinbase, one of the most secure and reputable companies in the bitcoin industry.”