Asia’s First Robocoin has been launched in Bartini, Singapore!

Bitcoiniacs of the Vancouver Canada Bitcoin ATM fame had popped by Singapore to partner with David Moskowitz’s Coinrepublic to bring the Robocoin (2 way ATM) to the shores of the Republic of Singapore. It is deployed in the Bartini bar, which also accepts bitcoins.

Bartini was once more crowded to the brim with bitcoiners!

(h/t w.e.)


Jackson Warren and Mitch Demeter has since returned to Canada after shipping the Robocoin ATM to our shores, and have others in the works. David will be handling the local operations of this particular ATM.

It differs from the other ATMs so far in that it will have 2 way operations. For today’s launch the bar scanner ran into hiccups, and a replacement scanner is on its way. Once that is fixed, another press launch would be in the works!

It required a palm scanner and ic card (national id card) as a registration, with the palm serving as an account for transfers.

This is the first Robocoin in Asia, and is the 7th Bitcoin ATM in Singapore (and the 4th model)

All the Bitcoin Operators made a presence at the meetup today, from Tembusu Terminals who launched Asia’s First ATM and received an impressive $5million valuation, to Numoni that has the most ATMs at 4, and Bitcoinexchange.com’s First Asian Lamassu. It sure isn’t a stretch to say that Singapore is the Bitcoin ATM capitol.

There was also a special guest from the Bitcoin Foundation President Peter Vessenes who took to the “stage” (well, the table) and also took some questions. Tomas of coinofsale had managed to persuade him to join in the Bitcoin Meetup!

peter vessenes

There was talk about a local charter, as well as regulation discussion.

Other bitcoin presence included the local exchanges, fybsg, itbit and altcoin exchange coinsupermart. Coinpip the payment processor was also there. The crowd included bankers, commodity traders, tech sector and I think a lawyer.

The Singapore scene just seems to keep booming and blooming!