Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas was in Singapore to share his thoughts on the state of the digital ecosystem and was a funny, engaging and energetic speaker that grabbed the room for his session.

The event was held at the Singapore Management University School of Accountancy to a fully packed auditorium.

He happily walked people through his thought process as people lobbed questions over segwit and lightning, outlining the facts that mattered to him as bitcoin walked through its grand experiment. He cautioned against the football club mentality that the internet and reddit tended towards, as people started supporting one “team” or the other.

He also warned people against blindly going into Initial Coin Offerings; that while perhaps at some far off future point they will properly mimick a real world IPO market digitally the current manifestations were a hubbub of seething frauds and fly by nights much as the early days of the wild west.

It ended with a photo taking session with people streaming off to the afterparty at Chijmes.