The 2016 Amazon November hearthstone deal!

It’s back in time for Blackrock Mountain exp! Get it while it lasts!

Heads up: The 30% promo is back! Get it while it lasts!
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Reddit has a great explanation on how to use Amazon Coins for Hearthstone to get an amazing number of hearthstone packs on the cheap! (ref link)

(The limitation being that the Amazon store is an Android store, so you would need an android device that also hearths)

Update/Warning: looks like Amazon changed the promotion because it was too good, now it’s 30% off coins and 10% coinback, a blow from 20% off coins and 50% coinback, Germany and certain other regions may still have the superior old promotion however! It still remains a good deal, just not the incredible one

With the new changes, one way would be to stock up on amazon coins with the discount (if you have $40 or $70 to spare) and perhaps wait and see if they revert to a better coinback, spending only here and there.

(note that 30% is for 10,000 amazon coins or $70, less coins have less discounts e.g. 20% for 5,000 coins)

amazon hearthstone legendary deal
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft for Amazon

It seems possible to use $80 to get 144 packs (which would usually be maybe $150-$200 depending) via  Amazon Coins for Hearthstone
You can access the amazon app store hearthstone app

Amazon gives a rebate for card pack purchases above $20 worth in coins, so the idea is buy about 10,000 coins for $80, buy all the packs, get 5,000 coins back, and then buy the cards again and get a rebate of coins!

Update: Ah, Blizzard has made it official, looks like the trick is in buying 40 packs and 15 packs. The amazon rebate starts from purchases about $20

Amazon’s Hearthstone Page

When you buy a 15 or 40 Hearthstone card pack bundle, you’ll get bonus Amazon Coins worth 50% of the bundle purchase price! You can use Amazon Coins for purchases in the Amazon App Store for Android–including more Hearthstone card packs!

Time moves quickly – This offer is only available for a limited time to customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany, and only while the supply of Blizzard’s Amazon Coins last! Make like an Aldor Peacekeeper and follow the rules: Amazon Coins terms and conditions can be found here.

Amazon App Store for Android – Buy Packs, Get Coins!

Current Deals

1.Amazon is currently giving 50% Coins Back on all $20 or more Card Pack purchases for Hearthstone. This is a limited-time offer and is available to US, UK and Germany customers.
2.Amazon is currently offering up to 20% discount on the purchase of Amazon Coins. This is double the normal savings. The more you buy, the more you save. Purchase Amazon Coins.This is a limited-time offer and is available in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan.

Save When You Buy Hearthstone Card Packs through Amazon Appstore

Use Amazon Coins to Purchase Card Packs and In-App Items for Less

For a limited-time, save up to 20% on in-app items by purchasing Amazon Coins (Every 100 Amazon Coins = $1). The more you buy, the greater the discount. Learn more about Amazon Coins.

Earn Amazon Coins on Hearthstone Card Pack Purchases

For every $20 or more Card Pack purchase you make in Hearthstone, we are currently giving 50% Amazon Coins back. For example, if you spend $50 on a Card Pack, you would get 2500 Amazon Coins ($25 value) back in your Amazon account. Earning Amazon Coins is easy. When you make an in-app purchase, you will see an ‘Earn’ message in the purchase window telling you how many Amazon Coins you will earn. After an eligible purchase, you can check your updated Coins balance when you tap the ‘Balance’ tab on your Android device or Fire Tablet. Learn more about earning Amazon Coins.

To Maximize Savings, use Amazon Coins Discounts and Current Coins Back Offers Together

Step 1: Purchase Amazon Coins for up to a 20% discount
Step 2: Use your purchased Amazon Coins to buy any $20 or more Card Pack item (this way you can spend less on Card Packs).
Step 3: For each $20 or more Card Pack purchase you make, you will receive 50% Amazon Coins back in your account.
Step 4: Use the Amazon Coins you just earned to buy more Card Packs to build up your collection!


PSA: Buying 40 packs on Amazon gets you 2500 Amazon coins. 5000 coins buys another 40 packs. (self.hearthstone)

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Sorry I don’t know if this was obvious to others. I only just recently purchased my kindle and I have never used the Amazon app service before. Also the 5000 coin purchase earns you 2500 more coins.

[–]Quentin_Harlech 6 points

Also, if you buy 10,000 coins at once, you pay only $80.

So, if I understand OP correctly, you pay $80 for 10,000 coins, get 80 packs and 5000 coins back, so a total of 120 packs for $80 (compared to $70 for 60 packs if you buy from Blizzard.

[–]Tree_Boar 2 points

Don’t forget you get 2500 coins back on the third 5k purchase, which you then use for a 15 pack and a 7 pack and a 2 pack (see top post in this thread). So you get 144 packs for 80$.

[–]dcm619 -2 points

I got 190 packs for $80!!

I had 3000 coins saved up, I bought 2x 5000 coin packs for $40. Then used those to buy the $50 40 pack which would then earn me another 2500 coins. repeat 3 times in a row and had to use a $20 and $10 blizz packs to finish off all my coins.

Quite the score, im set on packs for life, SIKE, I just opened 25 and not 1 legendary, gonna hold off opening more. I hope amazon coins arent flagged for no legendaries, lol that would be terrible.


If you want to check it out, you can go over to the amazon site and try using Amazon Coins for Hearthstone


If you’re thinking of gifting someone as a present (like for christmas or birthdays), one way would be to give them Amazon Gift Cards here and then show them this page on how to use the Amazon Coin Hearthstone rebate!

Update: there’s an option to give amazon coins as gifts


UPDATE: seems like amazon Video has free amazon coins!

free amazon coin

Update: lol, even slick deals picked up on it: