Want to know more about the twin scythes of ice and vyse? Or the snowglobe dota items?

At Rock Paper Shotgun, Cassandra Khaw writes that “Want a pink “Ethereal Flames” Enduring War Dog? Make one. “That $38,000 courier is probably worth less than $4000 now,” Derby, a seasoned Dota 2 trader, remarks flippantly.” That means that the fabled PAADA 38000 USD pink wardog has lost almost 90% of its original value or the price that its buyer had paid for it in a single day over the patch!

Perhaps this is Valve’s way to cool down the market?

The article mentions golden baby roshans, which had made THE LIST alongside the ethereal flames wardog, as well as the discontinued alpine set which was one of a few immortals.

Possibly it is now possible to make your own legacy ethereal flames by taking a wardog with effects and thus an existing gem slot (to make one for the effects involve a yet unobtainable recipe it seems) and then disenchanting/salvaging/unusual artificer hammer smashing the ethereal flames out of a lesser pet/courier. You can “override” existing gems.

Other gems from Cassandra’s article:

While the vast majority of players seemed enthused about the curve ball Valve threw, a small division of traders took to their pitchforks. AONomad, who is both Dota2Trader moderator and experienced trader, notes: “Many people are quite literally panicking, as they’ve invested perhaps a little bit too much. Many have failed to observe the old maxim, ‘Never invest more than you can afford to lose.’”

“I nearly flew down to Chicago,” Jing confides. The trip would have been for business – to deliver $17,000 in cash to the owner of a legacy courier. “If the patch happened two weeks later…”

“The fact that couriers can now be dismantled to harvest their effect and color code will have interesting and lasting ramifications on the entire market, from the lowest tier to the highest.” AONomad adds. “In the short term, there will likely be many arbitrage opportunities. This is great for the economy, as it allows new traders to make money by buying low and selling high, and it will draw in new people, which always stimulates demand in the long run. Whether this will be enough to reinforce the old status quo of prices is impossible to predict.”

A few turned to crime. According to Mad Matt, career middleman and Dota2Trade subreddit moderator, reports of ‘legit’ traders gone rogue are on the rise, one of the most salient examples being a trader who was purportedly ill-liked but universally regarded as reliable.

“He had traded legit for AGES, built up a lot of reputation. And now he is scamming because people still trust him.” Matt elaborates.

“I found this day coming and I am all prepared for it.” Derby gloats over e-mail. “I own stable investments like Alpine Set which is a hot set in China trading scene and it is immortal — very safe. People will always have desire for these type of items (d2dog, golden rosh, alpine) so that is why I continue. The desire is always there. There’s always someone wanting to buy it. Alpine is limited to around 500 sets in the entire game which is 0.000000?? % of the community. And I own low tier[3] legacies, own immortals and d2dog which makes me a winner this patch! I have anticipated this type of patch coming over a year ago.”

Jing, unluckier by far and victim to a $8000 loss in investment, shrugs. “At first, it was all /wrists but it’s interesting for the market. I wish I had cashed out earlier but blah, that’s life.”

Ah well, at least their dota market is still alive for trading, unlike the diablo 3 one D:. They can continue to make their leaving off Valve’s dota platform.

It is an interesting read, if you are into dota items you should check it out: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/11/19/how-a-single-patch-can-shake-the-dota-2-trading-market/

p.s. seems to be a lot more platinum baby roshans this round, an active step by valve?

Want to know more about the twin scythes of ice and vyse? Or the snowglobe dota items?